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Outsource your logistics

Whether you have recently launched a webshop or you’re an experienced e-tailer with high volumes, we will take the burden off your shoulders by delivering your products and handling your returns. We help you to focus on growing your business.

One platform, access to more than 30 couriers!

Our growing portfolio of integrated couriers let's you benefit from best-in-class service quality, ensuring you always have access to the optimum domestic and international delivery solution for your e-commerce shipments.

your delivery costs!

With a single contract, you can take advantage of all the services available from our parcel delivery partners! We deliver incoming courier orders to our delivery partners in bulk, and we pass on the resulting quantity discounts to you. Get rewarded for shipping more, and never have to negotiate your delivery rates again. As your shipping volume increases, so does your discount.

your shipments
more efficiently!

Automate the entire shipping process with our logistics platform, and manage all your shipments through a single interface.

Reduce your
warehousing costs!

Entrust us with your warehousing activities! That way, you don’t have to run your own warehouse and calculate with the salaries of warehouse employees. Minimize your fixed costs and reinvest your revenues into growing your inventory and scaling your business!

the return process!

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, with clever return solutions, including exchange parcel services and local return addresses abroad.

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Share your needs with us by completing the application form.

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After concluding the contract, you can connect our logistics platform to your webshop system.

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logistics platform!

Expediting your orders should not be complicated. Automate the entire shipping process with our cloud based logistics platform. Manage all your shipments more efficiently through a single user-friendly interface, integrated directly with your e-commerce store.


Join our
partner network!

We are continuously expanding our partner network. If you see an opportunity to cooperate, whether it be as a delivery partner, or logistics hub abroad, please get in touch!

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to start with no discount and work my way up?

No, we allocate the discount to your user profile as soon as we open your business account

I’m just starting my business, and I don’t know how many shipments I will have, will I still qualify for a business account?

We would recommend you create a standard account and simply pay-as-you-go until the number of shipments you have are either more than 10 domestic shipments or more than 1 international shipment per month. When you are confident that you can maintain this shipping volume you can apply for a business account.

Can I create multiple users for one business account?

Yes, you can link as many email addresses as you want to your business account, but you will need to contact us to activate this free service.

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